Sushma Chhajer started designing jewellery in 1997 with no formal training, no family background and no trade contacts but she did have the drive and innate talent to carve a path for herself. Having been raised in a family of textile merchants in India, she built the sensibilities for design, colour palette. She soon saved up $ 5000, read up on diamond grading and created her first three jewels.  

She was a rare woman in the male dominated world of high jewellery. Her eleven year old daughter Shruti, observing from the sidelines, that this would be her path too.She graded diamonds, discussed designs with artisans and examined the finished pieces. Soon Sushma sold two of her jewels and decided to make more.

Shruti began to sketch and in 2006 she attended the GIA before completing an MBA.  Meanwhile Sushma was travelling around India for private viewings for clients, also going to international trade fairs to get more exposure on new jewellery making technologies and understanding the global jewellery landscape. Shruti tagged along. The jewellery they were creating had very little metal compared to traditional Indian designs, it was delicate and wearable and it was re-defining Indian style.

In 2008 they opened a studio at the Ahmedabad Marriott, then in 2018, in Bangalore and now they produce about 140 jewels a year.  Most are unique but some have fallen into loose collections inspired by Indian spirituality. The Balance Collection reminds the wearer to find balance within.  The Ganesha Collection inspired by the Hindu God Lord Ganesha is an offering to the heavens through art and design.  The Vrindavan Collection is dedicated to Lord Krishna.  

Clients still flock to buy wedding jewellery including a newly invented setting called Embrace which symbolises an everlasting union.They use high quality gemstones such as antique diamond cuts bringing back the classic elegant look from the past, gem quality rubies, emeralds and sapphires as blue. Recently they have added spinels, tourmaline and amethyst but ultimately investment grade gemstones underpin all.

These are assured with an independent certification from European/ American labs which have global credibility. Sushma is a fan of Chakra healing, pairing gemstones such as ruby and emerald or yellow sapphire and blue sapphire together as a balm to the soul.  Shruti in turn studies the sacred Bhagwat Gita scriptures and this all flows into their work.They have an international clientele who buy for its uniqueness, design sensibilities, finish. They have been featured in the New York Times, Robb Report, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Forbes and about half their clients are women buying for themselves.  

“They genuinely love their jewellery to mad levels where they tell us they wake up in the middle of the night to see our piece and go back to sleep” chuckles Shruti. Shruti Sushma makes jewellery that can be passed from mother to daughter, just as they have passed their skills and insight to each other.  They have relationships with their clients which are generations deep, almost as a microcosm reflecting modern India itself.  Twenty five years on and their mix of large scale, spiritually inspired, artistically created design is capturing a newly powerful female-centric audience with good reason. The duo believe that this is just the beginning of their creative journey.